Tommy’s Discography
The music Tommy creates never steers shy of dreamlike feelings, unafraid to face the deeper nature of human emotion. Dive in to the dreamlike world Tommy creates, while exploring all the facets of the things we experience.

Parking Garage, featuring a triumphant orchestral arrangement, is an anthem about the power love can offer in the face of tragedy. Written as a tribute for a friend who lost her mother, Parking Garages serves as a reminder that we will always have community to lean on.

Different Kind of Night is Tommy’s debut record, pulling piano power pop influence from the likes of Queen and Ben Folds. Like a fawn wobbles as it takes it’s first steps, this record was a stretching of creativity while figuring out how to create and live after embracing queerness.

Adonis is a myth in it’s own right, telling an overarching story about the power of desire. Modeled after the Orthodox Liturgy, this record follows a narrator through emotional toil before realizing there is beauty on the other side of our experiences.

Released between this grander projects are myriad standalone singles, exploring a variety of pop-adjacent genres, including the disco flare of Charming and mysticism of The Hunt.

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